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“Bringing out the Best in Moments of Truth”


EVERYDAY across the globe, hundreds if not thousands of training sessions, workshops, conferences, seminars, certifications, coaching, mentoring etc. are carried out for the development and betterment of Executives or Business Leaders around the world.


If we sit back and ponder for a moment, we will realize that this vigorous dynamics and activities taking place all over the world have a singular Objective – To equip and best prepare the Leader to face the “MOMENT OF TRUTH” in their respective workplaces!


Every Leader have their “MOMENT OF TRUTH” – the very moment in the course of their works where they are required to demonstrate their best and rise to the occasion. This is exactly what their past trainings and development programs has prepared them for and this is the very moment where the Leader’s confidence, competency and effectiveness will be put to the stringent test.


The “MOMENT OF TRUTH” is the defining moment for the Leader – a tipping point deciding the Leader’s ability to demonstrate Confidence, Competence & Effectiveness to rise above the challenges ahead – the hallmark of a true Leader!


With all spotlights on and the stage set, the entire “world” is now watching how the Leader act………





For a HR Leader, your “MOMENT OF TRUTH” arrives when:

  • Your phone rings and your colleague on the other line seek your advice, guidance or counsel to resolve an urgent workplace issue;
  • Your Boss requested for advice on Manpower Rationalization Plan;
  • You are requested to study and present a Proposal on Job Analysis & Job Grading, Salary Benchmarks, Performance Management System and KPI settings;
  • You are required to conduct a TNA and plan the L&D Budget across the organization;
  • You are to present a Strategic HR Plan & Directions for the next financial year;
  • Your fellow HOD seek your counsel in managing low-performance or non-performance employees;
  • You need to lead and conduct a Domestic Inquiry
  • Your colleague from Production reported that a trade dispute is brewing in the factory;
  • You have a Collective Agreement to be negotiated and concluded;
  • You are required to carry out a VSS/MSS/TLO exercise
  • You are required to represent your Company in the RIRO or Industrial Court

and the list goes on…………


The question now is what is required for the Leader to be fully equipped to meet the demands and challenges of each “MOMENT OF TRUTH” Confidently, Competently and Effectively? The short and quick answer would be – “Send them for Training!”





Well researched studies proven however that Training (more precisely formal classroom training) can only do so much. The well-known and often quoted 70 : 20 : 10 Learning & Development Model clearly shows that Training can only contribute about 10% (which we are more inclined to up it to 20%) to a person’s development. Other elements such as On The Job Experience and Coaching & Mentoring are essentials and key imperatives in forming the holistic complete repertoire of an Individual’s Development Plan.

A Holistic Approach in Leadership Development is therefore our core value in Bastion Consulting Sdn Bhd and we are proud to join you in this noble quest of bringing Management efficiencies and effectiveness to greater heights guided by our basic tenets of Trust, Ethics & Integrity!





Bastion Enterprise Strategic Transformation (BEST) is a specially and exclusively designed program that support business enterprises in getting their time-proven business processes, practices and methodologies organized and strategically deployed within the shortest time frame minus the usual high costs of project consultancy. For more details on the program, please refer to the following fact sheets below (available in English and Chinese).