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  • Our Corporate Advisory represent the “Coaching & Mentoring” dimension of Executive Leadership Development.
  • Under this scheme, we provide sound guidance and coaching to address all workplace related issues and ensure full compliance to the laws and legislations at all times.
  • This scheme has been well received, proven beneficial and value-add to our clients as it compliments and augurs well with the existing HR support and resources that they have in their respective organizations.
  • Clients normally uses this channel as an in-house advisory unit for 2nd opinion in planning, analysing and approaching of the various day to day HR/IR related operating issues in the organization. It is both efficient and cost effective as for a small investment, you can now have your very own Industrial Relations unit right within your organization.
  • The scheme is made even more attractive given that clients are not bound by any long term commitment. In line with the spirit of coaching, participants will develop at their own pace and there is no long term obligation or commitment linked to this scheme. You can “graduate” from this scheme whenever you feel that you are ready by just giving one (1) month notice in writing.






  • We provide customized in-house training program on Industrial Relations, Discipline Management, Collective Bargaining & Collective Agreement, Workforce Effectiveness, Leadership Development etc.
  • Please feel free to contact us for any Training Program that you wish to have for your organization and we can develop a Program specifically to cater for your needs
  • Our current Programs includes but not limited to:
    • HR Interventions towards Workplace Effectiveness!
    • Managing Discipline at Workplace
    • Positive & Effective Approach in Performance Management
    • How to conduct a Domestic Inquiry
    • The Arts & Science of Industrial Relations Management
    • Practical Approaches to Collective Bargaining & Collective Agreement
    • Managing Workforce Diversity
    • Integrated Approaches to successful Change Management
    • Organizational Behaviour, Leadership & Workplace Empowerment
    • Conflict Management, Communications & Dispute Resolutions
    • Practical Understanding of the Employment Act 1955|Industrial Relations Act 1967|Trade Union Act 1959






This branch of service avails our clients the unique “On The Job Experience” dimension of Development.

Through our participative approach in our Consultancy & Project Engagements, clients will experience a real transfer of knowledge, direct coaching and mentoring as well as most importantly, clients will go through a journey of self-discovery, practical On-The-Job exposures as well as a personal learning & development experience.

Our ad-hoc Consultancy & Project works includes:

  • Formulation or Reviews of HR/IR Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions etc.
  • Change Management advisory, execution and facilitations
  • Advisory on Domestic Inquiry proceedings
  • Advisory on Union relations, Collective Agreement negotiation, renewal etc.
  • Advisory on preparation of Representation for Trade Disputes or Dismissal matters
  • Corporate Restructuring – VSS/MSS/TLO etc.
  • Focussed Executive Search for key strategic position(s)